Facebook Malady!


Recently i viewed a stunning youtube video adding myself to a large number already watched it.
You see angry father firing point blank range shots at his teen daughter’s laptop! The laptop holed in four places was lying on the grass
like an Irani soldier .

Another item i read was in Facebook itself. A known tamil actress was kind of taking leave of her FB friends. Reason? Well according to her post, FB robbed much of her time she could otherwise amply spend with her dear ones of the family.

More and more people are posting complaints against fb in facebook itself! Like a drunkard bewails his addiction to his whisky bottle!
Why this ” kola veri” ?
The answer is over- indulgence.
Man fundamentally is a craving species. Besides Pizzas and Samosas, there are other subtler foods the members of his being seek after. Craving for appreciatiom is one of those. He is not meeting in real life people clicking like buttons for him . He is not hearing an appreciative comment around where he lives. All he gets is dislikes and disapprovals. No wonder fb has become his habitat and refuge.
And he hugs it passionately as similarly deprived souls post in kindred veins, or generously offer likes after likes, praises cloaked as comments, ha ha for any silly jest, aha! for every unread post, lol and lmao, rofl and every illusive fb abbreviation that has been accepted as internet syllsbus!
And while you waft in thos kind of vibrant magic-air, you miss many things truly precious. Your work.
Your family. And.. Note this… Your Friends.
Not those on imaginary shore of an imaginary river- beckoning you ..asking you to accept a friend request or an impatient unknown being unfriends you whimsically, no no not any of those shadows..
I am talking about reality – people.
Havent you missrd them as they did you while both were diverting via FB?
Be frank.
You have missed the real for the unreal.
You have missed the substance for the shadow.
Time is running out.
Not that your friends in fb are useless.
But its a dream world.
With no firm basis.
It floats.
Without direction, aim.
Like a big wooden plank ipon a sea.
But you have serious business.
Called life.
At the shore.
Come back.
I am calling you all.
Along with the man who fired shots at his daughtr’s laptop.
With thr Tamil actress to whom suddenly Reality has overtaken the chimera.




Sharing the fate of SRK!humor


Place: newyork, JFK Airport.
Time: 10 pm local time

I enter the check- in lounge along with my wife.
Yeah, that young man waving his hand vigorously at a distance is my adorable son- in- law.
You mean the girl standing next to him carrying a wailing baby?
Well, that’s his wife, to be politically correct.
Yea, we are leaving for India by Emirates .

Wait here.
The black supervisor asks me to do something.
Can’t understand a word he says.
What does he say?, I ask my wife.
How do I know, all I hear is some strange cacophony, she smilingly adds.
Perhaps she enjoys my predicament!

What the he’ll you say , I enquire in close quarters.
Don’t you understand English?, I certainly heard him yell. I do Mister, I retorted, if it’s spoken like English. There was no chance for his black face to turn blacker.
My wife advised me not yo pick up a quarrel with the U.S while leaving.
Other passengers were watching the goings- on.
Pre- boarding entertainment perhaps, a few thought!
Another black asked me to enter thru a bomb- check .
Any bombs?, he asked.
You check me, I said.
I knew the reply gave the supervisor irked him too!
He made me walk to and fro thru the check several times.
Similar yo the punishments elementary teachers gave at school.Finally he allowed me to go beyond.
I shared the fate of SRK though minimally.

On board, I read the news that an American white man underwent similar inconvenience at JFK.
He was not from Gandhi- land as me!
He was from the land of oppurtunities.
So he tightly gripped the opportunity to give back the insults and torments heaped by this black.
My wife read what he did in return.
She sat silently.
She knew I was incapable of such valorous revolt.
The American stripped himself fully and paraded around the crowded airport, voicing his protests against harassments he faced at JKF!